What's an extension?

A browser extension is a computer program that extends the functionality of the web browser in some way. Sometimes they are referred to as "plugins", "addons", or "apps".

How does DealAlly use them?

DealAlly has an official addon that offers coupon savings for your favorite sites as you browse. Additionally, DealAlly syndicates it's service to other webmasters so that they may present the DealAlly service to their users as well.

Whenever a user navigates to an e-commerce website, the service automatically checks for available coupons in the background. If any special deals are available, an embedded unit containing a list of deals conveniently appears at the top of the page to provide one-click access to the coupon-code.

DealAlly may also prompt the user for feedback rating on a tracked linked for use with product suggestions.

How does DealAlly make money?

We've developed relationships with the majority of the websites we return coupons and deals for. When a deal is used we collect a small proceed from transactions that occur thereafter.